Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) have been incorporated into our terms and conditions and some extra’s that pop up from time to time will be added at the bottom of these pages.

Table of Contents


(Please read carefully. When you make a reservation with us, these conditions are deemed to have been accepted by you and your guest).

Please call us on 1300 761 376 for clarification of any point.

General Information & Obligations LEAVE the Property in the same condition it was when you arrived. If you use or move something, please put it back

It is a condition of your stay that you adhere to our Terms and Conditions, Short Term Rental Accommodation Code, and any other rules, or health orders from time to time. Guests must, at all times, abide by the NSW Health and NSW Planning laws and guidelines regarding short term accommodation.

RATES: per person / per night (pp/pn). Note: rates calculated on minimum of 25 guests.

  • $189 pp/pn for 1 night off peak
  • $119 pp/pn for 2-6 nights off peak
  • $89 pp/pn for 7-30 nights off peak
  • $49 pp/pn for 30+ nights off peak
  • $129 pp/pn 1-7 nights peak, or long weekends
  • Members Kids Rates:
    • 5 x Kids under 12 years of age *subject to approval may qualify for $50 off each (max $250 discount) when using trundle beds in room 1, 7, 8, 9, 10 (5 trundle beds in total). The discount will be applied after checkout and returned with the bond refund. NOTE: MUST BE “PRE-APPROVED” prior to the stay and for up to 5 kids under 12 years of age.
  • DISCOUNTS available for Members including 10-30% OFF, see Members & Discounts section
  • Discounts and prices may vary during peak periods.

OFF PEAK and PEAK periods.

  • Peak
    • Min 3-5 night stays apply
    • All Public holidays and holiday weekends
    • The weeks around Christmas and New Year and Easter.
    • Some other peak periods may apply and we will show rates applied in each invoice/quote to avoid surprises.
  • OFF peak: most dates are OFF peak rates except those outlined above in Peak.


  • $20pp Clean and Linen fee per stay. This includes commercial quality fresh sheets on each beds ahead of your arrival, a towel pp, 10 x tea towels and basic clean of bathrooms, basic mop of floors, wipe down of kitchen surfaces and we shall strip beds and collect used towels from the rooms on your departure.
  • Note: Extra cleaning or work to put things back or repairs are calculated at a minimum of $60/hr. The General rule is to leave things as they found on your arrival and ready for the basic clean ahead of the next group.

MEMBERSHIP: = 10-30% OFF AND FREE access to host a Sunday BBQ

  • BASIC (FREE to join), includes 10% OFF rates and $220 in credits
  • SILVER (just $49 to join), includes 10% OFF and $595 in credits
  • GOLD (just $499), includes 10% OFF and $1990 in credits, which includes access to rooms 12-15 as well, and event room access, and extended access, etc
  • PLATINUM (just $499), includes 20-30% OFF and $1990 in credits, which includes access to rooms 12-15 as well, and access to events room, and $240 credit for extended access, etc.
    • PLATINUM MEMBERS. To qualify you just need 2 bookings (with deposit paid) per annum for 20% OFF our base rates. 30% OFF the 3rd+ booking per annum.
  • Members get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to most of Berrima Retreat. Most often the Main Homestead, Pool, Fire-pit, BBQ’s, Outdoor activities, Games Room, Kids Area, etc. Outer paddocks are restricted for staff/family undertaking farming and work activities.
  • FREE access for a separate Sunday BBQ event (for Silver and Gold members using credits included in each membership type).
  • Members Kids Rates: 5 x Kids under 12 years of age *subject to approval may qualify for $50 off each (max $250 discount) when using trundle beds in room 1, 7, 8, 9, 10 (5 trundle beds in total). The discount will be applied after checkout and returned with the bond refund. NOTE: MUST BE “PRE-APPROVED” prior to the stay and for up to 5 kids under 12 years of age.
  • Membership is only valid for groups/guests dealing directly thru berrimaretreat.com.au and not 3rd party sites. Membership has is rewards.


  • Membership has benefits . In summary 10-30% OFF, kids rates, special FREE access for Sunday BBQ event, etc. (see above for details).
  • Discounts and prices may vary during peak periods.



  • We have a key safe at the front door with a key inside it. The code is sent to you the days before arrival. Keys- should a guest require duplicate keys after hours; a $200 service fee is applicable. If we are unable to provide a key for any reason, then the guest will need to engage the services of a qualified locksmith to gain access. The locksmith’s invoice must be paid directly to the locksmith at that time. Guests must not break into, or attempt to break into, premises when locked out. Keys should be returned as per instructions provided. Should the keys not be returned, the guest will be liable for any charge incurred in gaining entry and/or replacing keys and changing locks, if necessary, plus a processing fee.


  • GATES: This is a working farm, and we appreciate you keeping ALL gates closed as you pass thru them to help keep sheep and alpaca inside.
  • Fences: We have fences between the main homestead paddock, The Dam Paddock, and the Top Paddock.You will have access to the main homestead and limited access to the Dam paddock when using the Dam and Kayaks.
  • ELECTRIC Fences: We are a working farm and this includes having some Electric Fences that will ZAP when touched. These fences are in the Dam and Top Paddocks and should be avoided. Avoid touchinh all fences when unsure which is electric or not.
  • Dam access: The gate to the dam between the pool and the kid’s arena is padlocked closed. You have access to unlock this gate using the same code as the front door. Please keep the gate closed to keep in farm animals and ensure all persons are supervised in this area.
  • We are in Regional NSW and do have snakes, wombats, kangaroos, sheep, alpaca, horses, foxes, cattle and other neighbouring domestic or wild animals in the area and/or on the property at times. The fences and gates create a barrier to keep most unwanted animals outside our boundary and your family/friends/pets inside our boundary. We recommend you check all fences/gates around you often if you wish to maintain separation as fallen trees/branches, and animals can affect/damage the perimeter fences.



  • Normal Access times (subject to change):
    • IN from 3pm
    • Out by 10am
  • EXTENDED ACCESS may be available for just $120 per hour (min 2 hours billed and max 4 hours either side of standard) Subject to availability (“STA”). Paying however, does not guarantee that this agreement can be honoured. If we are unable to honour EXTENDED ACCESS, a full refund of the extra fees charged will be provided. We will endeavour to have the property ready, however, circumstances may sometimes cause delays. There will be no refund or credit if a property is not ready at the said time.


  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS FOR MEMBERS to most of Berrima Retreat. Most often the Main Homestead, Pool, Firepit, BBQ’s, Outdoor activities, Games Room, Kids Area, etc. Excludes the outer paddocks used by staff, family or special requests (usually when undertaking farming and work activities).
  • Non-Members have limited access to areas booked and that may not be all areas. It is unlikely but possible other areas may be shared if your booking was not as a Member with exclusive access. Note: Residences will not be shared and are exclusive for each group using the residence they have booked.
  • Note: BBQ event access is to outside BBQ and activities (without access to residences unless booked)


  • just $19pp/pn
  • Flexible Booking options is recommended to avoid change and cancellation fees if a significant event affects 75% of your group.
    • Flexible Bookings option just $19pp/pn (paid with your initial deposit). This is a great and recommended option and enables a change of date for your stay. The option may be used within 7 days from the original booking date and allows you to select a second alternative date (subject to availability).
    • A credit will be applied to a new booking that is available and a new booking will be created. Rates for the new bookings may vary and a full credit of all fees paid will be applied to the new booking (less the previously paid flexible booking option fee from the original date).
  • Without Flexible booking option, then full payment is due for cancellations or changes, see Terms and conditions “Cancellations”
  • Note: As a general rule we do not amend bookings for a large group due to circumstances that may have affected a few. Because other groups miss out when you lock in your booking, it is unlikely the other group/s can take up your booking dates as they may have found alternative accommodation or may not have sufficient notice to make it happen. A change of date therefore makes it unfair for other groups that missed out and unfair to change or cancel. We understand significant events may change from suburb to suburb, state to state, person to person, and day to day at times and we recommend travel insurance or the flexible booking option.

Guests / Visitor Registers and rate calculations

  • ALL persons, guests, visitors onsite must register using our guest log
  • Other check-in methods as required by NSW Health or Planning may also apply. E.g OUR SERVICE NSW QR CODE
  • Only the guests staying at the property are permitted to be present. If you wish to have visitors in addition to booked guests, you must advise us in writing prior to your stay and ensure you receive written permission.
  • No mattresses, tents, caravans, campers, motorhomes or more cars than approved and pre-registered are allowed.
  • Numbers in excess of the agreed guests (including extra beds used, or day visitors not pre-advised will be charged at $200 per person x the days booked for the group. We reserve the right to request that the numbers be reduced immediately or to terminate the booking, without refund.
  • Third party services – should you engage the services of a third party during your stay such as a caterer, beautician, massage therapist etc. it is your responsibility to ensure that they adhere to these Terms and Conditions and hold appropriate Public Liability insurance and ensure they are pre-approved and pre-registered to be onsite.
  • Last minute extras may be approved IF requested by phone/sms/email and permission is obtained.


We offer flexible Bed options so you may mix, and match rooms and you may use any beds up to the total number of approved guests.

  • TOTAL GUESTS are counted by pillow positions, e.g: King bed = 2 guests and Single Bed = 1 guest.
  • EXTRA BEDS used have a fee based on Unbooked guests/pets/visitors $200/day each X the number of days the group is booked.
  • SPLIT KING BEDS. $30 option per King bed split into 2 singles for your stay and then back to King after your stay.


  • Pets – Your pet is most welcome. A pet surcharge of $150 per pet will apply.
  • If evidence of a pet is discovered without approval, you will be charged $200/day of the group stay per pet and for steam cleaning of carpets, furniture and/or mess left by the pet/s. If you have your pet with you, it is expected that a few simple rules of courtesy are followed:
  • All pets must be approved in writing prior to the stay
  • Any mess, including outdoors, must be wrapped, and placed in outside bins
  • Pet bedding must be supplied by guest
  • Pets must remain outdoors unless otherwise agreed.
  • Do not allow pets onto furniture or beds.
  • You agree to pay for any damage, or extra cleaning required resulting from the pet having stayed.
  • Fence-Gate info see http://berrimaretreat.com.au/faqs/#gatesfences


  • Firewood $25 per barrow load (check www.rfs.nsw.gov.au for fire restrictions)
  • North Wing Access: FREE if more than 43 guest.
  • Gold and Platinum Members get North Wing Access included, or $400 as an option if <43 guests
  • Bed Split fee $30 per king bed to create 2 x single beds. (10 King beds main house and 1 King Bed in North Wing if booked)
  • Kayak Hire $200 per stay for 6+ kayak, paddles, and life jackets
  • Extra BBQ gas bottles $30 each
  • Sheep Feeding $30 per session (up to 5 persons per session) (Silver and Gold members have this included)
  • Event room access FREE for Gold and Platinum Members, or $400 as an option


  • BINS: We have 1 x large wheelie Yellow top bin for glass and plastic. Paper/cardboard can be placed in the outside fire pit during colder months or the Yellow top bin. We have 1 x large wheelie Red top bin for general waste. See our options for additional rubbish fees.
  • EXTRA rubbish bins used/available just $50 per 240Lbin equivalent. Please separately bag glass vs plastic vs paper/cardboard vs general waste to allow proper sorting at tip and to avoid extra fees.
  • Bin night is Sunday night, please put the Red top and Yellow top bins out on the curb Sunday night. DO NOT leave extra rubbish bags on the street as they will not be collected and $60/hr for a cleaner to clean-up plus the bin’s fees.
  • BBQ – A $30 cleaning fee will be charged for each unclean BBQ
  • Loss and Damage – All damages, breakages or losses to the property, furniture and furnishing are to be reported to Berrima Retreat and paid for by the guest immediately. Should you discover a fault or breakage when you arrive, please advise us directly to avoid being charged for this damage.
  • Children – no responsibility will be taken for children or pets, staying at, or visiting the property. Please always supervise carefully, taking into consideration fencing, pools, dams, stairs, gym, kids’ arena, verandas, balconies, and cleaning chemicals. Children under the age of 10 years should not sleep on the top bed of a bunk.
  • Smoking – smoking is not permitted inside any of our buildings. If you need to smoke, please do so away from the property to ensure that the smoke does not enter. If evidence of smoking inside the property is detected, you will be charged for steam cleaning of carpets and furniture, laundering of all soft furnishing and linen, plus replacement of linen where necessary. Cleaners can pick up cigarette butts, etc for you at a rate of $60/hr or you may wish to keep tidy and leave the property as found.
  • Lost property – Guests are solely responsible for their own property whilst staying at Berrima Retreat and are required to take the usual steps to prevent any property loss, including locking premises and vehicles when not attended. If personal property is left behind, it is the guest’s responsibility to arrange its return, else when requested we can post it back and will debit any fees from the bond.  Lost property not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of.


You have access to our property and the kitchen for SELF CATERED meals, however if you would like catering then we support and recommend the many great chef’s and cooks from the Historic Berrima Village cafes and restaurants. Others options from Southern Highlands area are also available and we encourage you to support the local businesses. Home Delivery from many local and large supermarkets are often available for your self catering needs.

Parties, Noise, Celebrations

We have guest for days and weeks at a time and no-one wants to hear your loud music, the base from speakers, fireworks, singing etc. ‘Schoolies’ or party bookings – are not guaranteed and require a written request and subsequent written permission from Berrima Retreat and a cash bond of at least $3000.

Noise: SPEAKERS of any type to be used must be approved to ensure noise does not travel to neighbours. CURFEW, for outside noise that “may” travel to neighbours is 8:45pm and may be changed at any time by Berrima Retreat if considered to be necessary to avoid affecting neighbours. If you or any other guest receives a warning regarding excess noise, you will be asked to leave the property IMMEDIATELY with no refund of monies. In addition, if our staff, security guards, council, neighbours, police, etc attend to deal with noise, or if we receive complaint/s during or after your stay, a fee of $500 to $1000 per offence will be payable and/or deducted from your security bond to assist in a forgiveness donation or gift being sent to those affected. Noise disruption for these purposes includes loud behaviour of any type that disrupts the peace and quiet of others; intrusive or abusive language; loud music or any other sounds affecting other residents that is audible outside the boundaries of the property. NOTE: loud noises affect neighbours, pregnant farm animals, sheep, horses, alpaca, etc in the area.

Parties: We have a strict ‘no party’, no loud noise/music, no fireworks policy.

Celebrations: Please enjoy yourselves whilst respecting the peace and comfort of our neighbours. We have regular celebrations onsite and without them turning into parties with loud noise that affects neighbours or farm animals.


To proceed with a booking, the following payment conditions apply.

    • A deposit being 50% of the total fee is required for all bookings and are pending till a formal booking confirmation is issued to avoid double bookings or payments from multiple guests.
    • An initial deposit of $500 may be made and will hold the available dates for 48 hours to allow you to collect monies from others in your group, or to process the balance of the full deposit by EFT.
  • DUE DATES for payments
    • Deposit: due immediately
    • Balance: Balance of all outstanding monies are due no later than 40 days prior to your arrival to avoid cancellation or another group taking over the dates of stay requested.
    • Bond: is due no later than 14 days prior to your arrival.
  • Payments
    • may be made by direct deposit into: Berrima Retreat account NAB BSB 082268 Account 454707203


  • BOND
    • A cash bond is held. This payment must be deposited into our account 14 days before access to the property can be granted. This payment cannot be made by credit card. The usual amount is $1500 for main house and $500 for extra accommodation and may be varied based on group size or type.
    • By providing this cash bond, you are warranting that you and all other guests are aware of, and will abide by, these terms and conditions.
    • Any breach may result in a charge against your bond.
    • We reserve the right to require an additional cash bond for group bookings, functions or at our discretion and the bond may be used for any options or additional fees not yet paid.
    • This bond is usually refunded within 14 days once we are satisfied that you and your guests have abided by the Terms & Conditions of your stay.
    • There is no time limit on security bond claims. We can make a claim on the security bond at any time during or after your stay. Claims on the bond will be at the cost incurred plus 20% handling fee or based on quotes plus 20% handling fee.
    • Any claim on the bond held will be advised via email. Claims may include but are not limited to charges for: excess cleaning fees, damage or breakages, excess garbage removal, damage or issues caused by noise, nuisance, pets, early check-in or late check-out, guests more than those booked and paid for, police or security guard call outs and any associated aggravation.


  • We recommend you have travel insurance to avoid change or cancellation fees; or you select our Flexible Booking Option for just $19pp/pn at the time of your booking to avoid change and cancellation fees.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancelling or changing the original date of stay will result in loss of any payments (except Flexible Booking Options).
  • For bookings cancelled within 40 days of arrival and for no shows – the full tariff will be incurred/due, else 50% of the full amounts payable will be incurred/due.
  • Cancellation due to non-payment of any balance by the due date will result in the loss of all monies.
  • In very rare events, we reserve the right to cancel a booking for any reason and will provide a full refund in that event without further liability.

Significant Events: include Bushfires, earthquakes, floods, and Government imposed lockdowns (e.g: COVID, or others).

Changes to booked dates

  • If you have the Flexible booking option, then no extra fees or cancellations charges are due, and you may request a new date subject to the flexible booking options.
  • We may be able to transfer your booking to different dates or reduce the stay, at our discretion, if we are able to secure another guest to re-book the property for the same dates. There are no guarantees that this will be possible. A change fee of $550 will apply. Note: by paying a deposit, the guests are reserving the main house or other included accommodation for specific dates. A change of dates would effectively cancel the original reservation and cancellation terms will apply.
  • Berrima Retreat does not offer refunds or reschedule bookings due to weather events, traffic delays or natural disasters. You are encouraged to take out travel insurance to cover such events, else we RECOMMEND the FLEXIBLE BOOKING OPTION
  • No refunds will be given for late arrivals, early departures, or unused days of your holiday rental property reservation. Booking fees, extras and pet surcharges are not refundable once they have been paid for.

Agent/Owner Limitations of Liability

  • We have taken great care to describe your holiday accommodation to you as accurately as possible. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for incorrect descriptions, errors or omissions and recommend a site visit before you book or stay.
  • Our properties are maintained and cleaned regularly, however, wildlife and other pets are common in country areas.
  • Berrima Retreat and/or the owner do not accept liability for the unfortunate or seasonal visits of any wildlife or other pets including, but not limited to; rodents, insects, cockroaches, kangaroos, wombats, dogs, snakes and spiders.
  • Berrima Retreat and/or its representatives reserve the right to enter the property at any time, without notice, for the purpose of protection and/or maintenance of the property. We will provide notice to the guests wherever possible if a need to enter inside the residence is planned.
  • Berrima Retreat and/or the owner do not accept liability or loss caused by failure of equipment and/or services, including, but not limited to, water, electricity, gas, and internet. In the event of a failure, the guest should notify our team in the first instance. Any problems that arise during the rental period that do not constitute an emergency as determined by Berrima Retreat, will be remedied at any time during or after the rental period, at the sole discretion of Berrima Retreat.
  • Berrima Retreat and/or the owner do not accept liability for any personal loss or injury to the guest/s during the rental period, including that caused by events beyond our control. Events may include, but are not limited to; adverse weather, fire, flood, traffic of flight delays, war, terrorist activity, civil disobedience, or other force of nature, no refund or credit will be offered under these circumstances

NSW Code of Conduct and Bad Books Register / Traveller Feedback

  • The NSW Code of Conduct for the Short-term Rental Accommodation may apply and can be found at https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au or https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0012/925788/Code-of-Conduct-for-the-Short-term-Rental-Accommodation-Industry.pdf .
  • Your booking is with Berrima Retreat Pty Limited
  • Property ID:   PID-STRA-862  or Property ID:   PID-STRA-00862  
  • Guests are granted permission to occupy for the dates/times and guest numbers set in your invoice.
  • Failure to comply with the guests’ obligations in these terms and conditions or the NSW Code of Conduct may result in a bond claim, termination of permission to occupy the property, subsequent eviction and/or registration with the Bad Books Register or similar.
  • Berrima Retreat participates in the Bad Books types of Guest Registers. By accepting this booking, you hereby agree that if you or any occupant covered by this booking breaches our terms and conditions, your name, phone number, home address and email address as well as details of the breach/s may be registered with those registers and organisation. Traveller feedback may also be entered into the applicable online portal. Berrima Retreat reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking where a guest is registered on any Bad Books type of Guest Registers or has received negative feedback from other booking sites.

Updates and Changes by Berrima Retreat

Berrima Retreat reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and a copy or link to the current version will be provided to group organisers before your stay. Some pictures, images and features may differ. We are continually improving facilities, and this is a working farm and changes also continue.

Extra FAQ’s

We shall continue to add FAQs below and if raised more than a few times they will be added above into terms.



  • Bowral and District Hospital 97-103 Bowral St · (02) 4861 0200 Open 24 hours https://www.swslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/bowral/
  • Emergencycall 000 for life-threatening emergencies only, including bush fires;
  • Emergency text – call 106 for people who are deaf or have a speech or hearing impairment;
  • NSW Rural Fire Service – call 1800 679 737 for information on fire bans and bushfires in NSW;
  • NSW State Emergency Services – call 132 500 for support and advice in the instance of an emergency;
  • RSPCA – call (02) 9770 7555 to find a shelter, branch, care centre or vet clinic;
  • WIRES – call 1300 094 737 for emergency advice for injured wildlife; and the relevant local council.
  • WEATHER WARNINGS Bureau of Meteorology www.bom.gov.au who issue:
    • Flood Watches for rivers when flooding is likely, and
    • Flood Warnings for rivers when flooding is about to happen and during floods, and
    • Severe Weather Warnings and Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for possible flash flooding, damaging winds, hail and heavy rainfall, damaging waves and dangerous surf, and
    • Tsunami Watches, Tsunami No Threat Warnings, Marine and Immediate Foreshore
    • Threat Warnings and Land Inundation Warnings for tsunami.

COVID rules, cancellations, changes, safety plan,


Please ALWAYS follow and stay up to date with health measures outlined at www.health.nsw.gov.au Rules may change prior AND during your stay and your should keep updated. Berrima Retreat has a Covid-19 safety plan and this is a guide that does not update as regularly as www.health.nsw.gov.au which must always be the primary source of guidelines and rules.


Please review our cancellations, changes and significant events. We have a process and terms for significant events which includes bush fires, earthquakes, COVID and any other Government lockdown. CLICK CANCELLATIONS, SIGNIFICANT EVENTS, CHANGES TO DATES


Wellbeing of staff and customers

  1. Guests/visitors who are unwell with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 to immediately leave the site and get tested. They must place themselves in isolation away from Berrima Retreat until they have received their result.
  2. Guests/visitors with symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must not use public transport as they depart Berrima Retreat and should seek advice from Health NSW and/or a GP on how travel to back to a self isolation abode that will ensure others are kept safe from the risk of Covid-19 spreading.
  3. Our staff and volunteers will not be in physical contact with guests/visitors during their stay. The Retreat is an exclusive 1 group only venue allowing guests/visitors self-catering or contactless meal deliveries with no visitors permitted onsite without our approval.
  4. Our staff receive information and training on COVID-19, including when to get tested, physical distancing and cleaning.
  5. We Display conditions of entry in our Term’s and conditions, this safety plan and a Quarantine Sign is displayed at entry confirming no visitors permitted and unless entry permit is confirmed.
  6. We have flexible booking policies in place and will provide credits for future stay if COVID-19 Health Order prevent your stay as intended.

Physical distancing

  • Where practical, we shall have a staff member observe (from a distance) that guests/visitors are ensuring physical distancing as defined by NSW Health.
  • Guests/visitors MUST ensure communal areas where people gather, such as BBQ or kitchen/dining/lounge facilities, maintain capacity limits of one person per 4 square metres and appropriate physical distancing as defined by NSW Health.
  • Guests staying at Berrima Retreat may NOT have visitors, unless pre-approved.
  • Where reasonably practical, we ensure staff maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing at all times (including at meal breaks).
  • We have no regular deliveries and request contactless delivery and invoicing where practical.
  • We may consult with Local Emergency Management Committee to determine if there are any travel restrictions to remote or vulnerable communities in the area, and how this can be communicated to guests/visitors.

Hygiene and cleaning

  1. All staff, guests/visitors MUST adopt good hand hygiene practices. This means regular washing of your hands as defined by NSW Health
  2. Bathrooms are well stocked with hand soap and a towel is provided for every guest to ensure you do not share hand towels. Hand towels will be removed to avoid cross contamination.
  3. Guests/visitors MUST bring their own hygiene equipment including hand sanitiser.
  4. Guests are recommended to clean frequently used indoor areas at least daily with detergent or disinfectant. Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times per day. We have no staff contact or cleaning during your stay guests/visitors should practise good hygiene and bring their own cleaning equipment.
  5. We will leave hand soap dispensers in each bathroom and bleach under the kitchen sink. Guests/visitors should use bleach at an appropriate strength and ensure it is used in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions. A NSW Health guide is located with the bleach.
  6. Staff, guests/visitors are to wear gloves when cleaning and wash hands thoroughly before and after with soap and water.
  7. We take ONLY contactless payment options.

Record keeping

  • We shall keep a record of the name and a mobile number or email address for ALL staff, guests/visitors and contractors for a period of at least 28 days.
  • Records are stored confidentially and securely and will be made available to NSW Health as requested.
  • Guests/visitors are required to confirm their:
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Age
    • COVIDSafe app is in use y/n


  • All staff, guests/visitors are encouraged to have and use the COVIDSafe app to help support contact tracing if required.

Check-in QR code


Our family has a fire plan for Berrima Retreat and you are recommended to have a bush fire plan for your group. Feel free to copy/paste any parts of our bush fore plan for your own version.

visit: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au for up to date bush fire information, including evacuations, fires near me, bush fire plan templates, and fire bans, etc. CALL 000 in a fire emergency


(feel free to review, amend, use)

Leave Early Actions Checklist

Ensure all members of your household, including pets, are accounted for.

Monitor the situation closely and stay up to date.


  • Turn off gas mains and/or bottle
  • Move flammable items away from the house
  • Block drainpipes with socks full of sand and fill gutters with water
  • We have a milk crate full of sand filled socks in games room
    • Do not get on the roof to hose it down


  • Close doors, windows and vents
  • Fill baths, sinks, buckets and bins with water
  • Soak towels and rugs and lay them across external doorways
  • Move furniture away from windows

Before You Leave

  • Pack the items you wish to take with you
  • Secure home by locking all doors and windows
    • Leave access gates unlocked to aid firefighters who may be required to access property
  • Confirm the location you are heading is still safe and away from the fire
  • Confirm your planned route is clear
  • EMERGENCY GATES (clockwise from inside looking out of entry gate “A”:
    • “A” front entry gate turn left to Berrima Town
    • “B” into DAM paddock (key is in cupboard above range hood main kitchen)
    • “C” from Dam paddock an emergency gate to Hume Highway
    • “D” from Dam paddock a gate to neighbours that leads to Greenhills Road.
    • Check Live Traffic NSW or Wingercarribee Shire Council website for road closures
  • Contact a relative or friend and tell them you are leaving and for where
    • Be sure to contact them again once you have arrived safely

It can be dangerous to leave at the last minute. If you cannot leave or you receive an Emergency Alert warning that it is too late to leave, it may be safer to shelter in a room on the opposite side of your house away from the approaching fire. Ensure you have clear access to an exit from this room.

Prepare an Emergency Survival Kit before the bush fire season starts.

Items to include

  • Portable battery-operated radio
  • Waterproof torch
  • Spare batteries
  • First aid kit with manual
  • Woollen blankets
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Drinking water

Before You Leave Add

  • Cash, ATM cards, credit cards
  • Medications, toiletries and sanitary supplies
  • Special requirements for infants, elderly, injured, disabled
  • Mobile phone and charger
  • Important documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, insurance policy), valuables and photos
  • Change of clothes for everyone

Remember to prepare for your pets as well. Make sure your pet is wearing an identification tag. If you are leaving, take a leash, basket, medication, food and a familiar toy for your animal.


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